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American Roulette Casino Game Widget by OCW

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Latest testimonial from Raphael C. Roullete Widget

Casino websites are becoming more abundant with each passing day. has just the Roulette widget for any website. For website administrators finding the perfect widget for a variety of games is crucial. There are several components that are must haves in a game widget. User friendly tops the list, which means once the game is loaded on a website, its responsiveness is essential. The next would be how easy is it to get the widget and add it to a website. Graphics follow and are always on a list of things to look for with any widget and it can be a deal breaker as well. The reason people play casino is because they want to win and making sure the rules, wins and payouts are true to a real casino experience is key. Widgets that can be loaded on a large amount of platforms are also critical in the decision making for choosing a website game widget. The last characteristic needed in a great game widget for a website is presentation. If it does not look good no one will want to play it.

User Friendly

It is one thing to find a widget that is offered and most are usually free. But just because something is free does not necessarily mean it is a great opportunity. The website widget for the game of Roulette from is so realistic, that the sound quality and graphics will make you think you are actually on the casino floor. After loading the game, I clicked on each item to make sure they worked. But more than making sure they work, I wanted to see how they would work. To make a bet is simple with the click of a button. The minus (-) button takes away bets made during play which is clearly delineated on the screen near the payout button. The use of the cursor was easy as well. For example, you can just highlight the number you want to play and then click for the bet to be placed there. Clicking the amount of money you want to bet is easy as well. I clicked each denomination available to play. The one, five, ten, twenty five and one hundred dollar chip was easy to distinguish from each other. They had different colors so I did not get confused during play. This is especially important after you have been playing for hours or action gets hot.

Because the game is so user friendly, action does and can get very hot. When you spin the table it quickly turns and then the ball falls just like it is supposed to do. The table for the game was set up like the American version of Roulette. The three distinct rows are clearly outlined with white lines so I moved easy with my bets from the single zero to the double zero at the top of the play table where bets are placed. After clicking the denomination I wanted to wager, I then hovered over the number I wanted to play and clicked. The chip instantly appeared and the amount is clearly distinguishable. If I changed my mind I just hit the minus (-) symbol on my keyboard and the chip disappeared. I could easily go over to the chips and click a new one before returning to the number I wanted to bet on. All and all this website widget is pretty responsive.

Easy To Download

Finding the widgets got me really excited, because it seemed to be too good to be true. But it was too good and too true. I simply copied the widget provided and placed it into the widget box on my website. There was a little tweaking with the widget for the size. The widget has 800 for the width and 550 for the length. While the length was a perfect fit, there was a slight size modification for the width. Although, I had to modify the width, it did not harm or take away from the appearance or functionality of the widget. Once this was made, I was on my way to making any other tweaks I wanted. This was to personalize anything I wanted to say such as adding a cute name to the widget. It makes it appear that and I are partners. Since it was a pretty straight forward widget to set up, it easily allows this aspect.

Within minutes the window appears with a spinning roulette wheel and the sounds of the casino floor. In addition to that the Roulette table was nicely outlined with the chips and other important information for an easy read. To make sure that it was exactly the way I wanted it, I hit the edit button and cut it. Then I closed out my website to see if there were any signs of it after I removed it. There were no signs that it had ever been on the website. I then added it back to see if it would have the same easy download experience as before. It was just as quick and easy but this time the new tweaked size and little personalized information was already in place. Over all you cannot get an easier downloadable Roulette game widget than this.

Graphics & Presentation

The graphics for this Roulette game is impeccable. The red, white and black colors used were sharp to the eye. The blue backdrop of the table was smooth as it easily outlined the white lines drawn and the numbers listed in their alternating colors. The turning roulette table was so realistic that it appeared like a 3D object coming out of the page towards you. It had a black base encasement that appeared to be several inches thick from point it touch the table to the top of the wheel. The roulette spinning had the realistic feel of stop or hesitation seen in actual play. With the background casino sounds to complement the sound of the spinning ball and the clank when it falls in to the winning slot, this aspect sealed the deal for the quality of this widget. The setting of the wooden table added to the authenticity of the game.

The wooden table had the marbled look of an expensive piece of wood. You could almost see the light reflect off the shellac on the wood as well. There were additional detailed metal markers which had a clean look and feel with lines that made them appear shiny. The final touch to the roulette wheel is the silver piece of metal in the center which looks like the chess game knight piece. The presentation of this piece is as if the bottom half is moving. If you decide to place a bet for all the black numbers, simply placing your cursor over the black diamond shaped icon was all that was needed. The black numbers on the table quickly became highlighted. The same was true when you chose the red diamond shaped icon. The placard with the bets and winning information was at the top center, which was presented clearly and changed effortlessly with each click when bets were added or taken away. In addition to this, once you won or lost, the numbers were updated instantaneously.

Rules, Wins & Payouts

Rules, wins and payouts are set in an easy place for new players and ones that just need a little refresher. At the bottom of the screen where the running bank total is located is a button that allows you to click help. Once this is done a pop up window is displayed which covers the basics for the game of American Roulette. It reviews how many positions are in the game as well as what to expect when the game is over and winnings are being paid out. This window also has a bet and play chart or table for easy review. Since Roulette is truly a game of chance, the odds and bets placed drive the winnings and payouts. Paying close attention to your bets is easy because the information is conveniently located at the top in the center of the screen.

Of course, the same rules apply as far as how bets can be played. Bets can be made when you first click the spin button but then it is automatically stopped before the ball falls in to its winning resting place. There is a chat feature on the bottom of the help screen which is a player friendly option to use when you need a little more hand holding before, during and after play. Located where the help button is also the options button which allows you to adjust the sound or turn it off completely. There is also a feature on the options which allows the speed of the wheel to be adjusted. Finally, if you decide to get lucky you can click the ‘play for real’ button to begin a game of real action.

Platform Compatibility

Website administrators like me ask a quick question when we are looking for the perfect game widget and that is what platform will the widget work with. Once we here the term HTML, then we know it will probably work on pretty much any platform. The next thing to look for is if the widget has java script. Sometimes HTMLs with java scripts do not work on most platforms. If there is a java script, there are steps that need to be taken to remove it. However, sometimes when you remove the java script the widget will not work. But this does not have a java script so there are no concerns there. I have Yahoo web hosting which was a perfect fit for this widget from Yahoo has two platforms something called Site Solutions and Site Builder. I use the Site Solutions because it is really user friendly. So for anyone with the more complex Site Builder platform, the users should be fine if they choose the American Roulette game widget.

From now on when I am looking for game widgets will be my first stop. Hopefully it will also be my only stop. has done an exception job with their widget for the American Roulette game. Website administrators and players will be like me and singing their praises. The last part that was a winner for me was how they have a link to the website, which leads players to the source. This is a winning accountability feature which sealed the game widget deal for me.