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Online Craps Casino Game Widget by OCW
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Testimonial from Mike

As a website administrator, finding a great casino game widget is a tough job. I searched the internet for a few days before stumbling on the Once I landed on the site, it was refreshing to see a variety of widgets for different kinds of games. I was only interested in the game of Craps, which is the hardest to find. Once I got to the widget it did not look to be too complicated. There is only one long line to cut and paste in an HTML embed widget box. Another great thing that I really liked was that it was HMTL. I do have a set of items that are important for the casino game widget to be able to do. The widget should be user friendly, be an easy download, have awesome graphics with a clean presentation, make rules, wins and payouts transparent and work with my website building platform.

User Friendly

My first stop with the widget is to make sure that the visitors to my website have an easy user experience. From the first time I clicked my cursor, the game leapt off the page at me. I kept waiting for a bug to show up and something not work but to my surprise every aspect of the game was so user friendly that I found myself playing longer than intended. From one simple click to another found the game moving quite nicely. The sounds of the casino floor made it even more authentic. The part I enjoyed the most was the female voice calling the winning number. This included her saying ‘point’ or ‘snake eyes’.

It took me a little effort to understand the rules but there was a help button located at the bottom left corner. The players balance is a round circle with four options around it. There is a button for cashier, lobby, options and help. The cashier button does what it says, which is to take you to the cashier to cash out if you are playing for real. Or for those like me who played for fun, it takes you to a page where you can load more fun money, which is up to nine hundred ninety nine thousand. The lobby is the logout button. The option button gives the player the choice of turning the audio off, on or up and down. There is a speed function of slow or fast for the game and a wide screen feature.

Easy To Download

As the website administrator, the ability to easily download a widget to a website is critical. The first thing we look for is what format it is in. I use a fairly easy web building tool, which only allows widget with the HTML format. However, there are times when these embed codes come with a java script, which makes it not work. So you have to remove the java script from the code before you can have usability for all its intended functions.

The next thing about downloading a widget is the size of it. When I add widgets they have a certain specific space on our website. This widget did have a set of size parameters, which I had to adjust. It required a width of eight hundred by a height of five hundred fifty box of space. While the height worked perfectly, the width was a little too wide and I had to adjust it down a bit. But the adjustment did not affect the functionality of the game.

Graphics & Presentation

The graphics and presentation of any widget is really important for the player to not only get engaged but to return and become a regular visitor on our site. I found the graphics to be exceptional. The colors were vivid and true to each hue. For example, there are more colors than games such as Blackjack and Roulette. There is light ocean foam green for the table backdrop which has the lines and most words in white. Although, there are some words written in the color yellow, which still come across with clean lines. The wooden table has the real feel of a true craps table on a casino floor. The chips are placed accordingly in the areas of the grooves. The display of the dice once they are thrown is front and center at the top left of the screen. However, you can also see them on the floor of the craps table.

The female voice calling the game brings the game together with a believable factor. The dice actually roll and have a holographic appearance before the next roll. The dice are red with white dice; however, they have a semi see through effect to them which makes them almost translucent. The sound of the dice as they roll also adds to the authenticity of the game. The one thing that was missing was the stick used to clear the dice from the table. Instead of a stick the game has the dice mysteriously move out of the line of site or play of the table. Overall the graphics, sound and presentation are very realistic and make the widget a good find.

Rules, Wins & Payouts

When I moved to the area for the rules, wins and payouts I was a little surprised at how detailed it was. For example, to find them you would click the help button around the running tab circle. Once inside there is a great write up of how to play the game. Specifically, the title ‘how to bet and play’ gives the player a description of the most important elements of the game of craps. It gives directions on how to use your computer features in tandem with picking the denominations of chips you want to bet, how to place and remove a bet. This game functionality allows the play to hover the mouse over locations on the table to see where additional bets can be played. This is a huge tool to use because it keeps you from stopping the game to look up the information with the help button. The other great feature is that players can roll the dice without making any bets. Some players like the point bet and this feature accommodates that option.

The next section in the help feature is entitled ‘Craps rules’. This is very important especially for beginner and even for those who are a little rusty on the rules of the game. Here you will find detailed explanations about each type of bet. It starts with the first roll called the ‘come out roll’ as it reviews for the player when and how to place a bet. The money it pays such as 1:1 or even money. It goes further with what a ‘point’ is and how it is created, what the white and black marker means and how bets are locked. This is emphasized in the game when you are playing as well. For example, after a roll when you try to make a bet the game will not allow it. Then there are other times when certain areas of the table will let you make bets after a certain number is rolled. The detail on the payout is phenomenal with explanations of the multiples of bets such as three times, four times and five times.

The other bets reviewed were how to place them and the payouts from them include, a field bet, big 6, hardway bets, come and don’t come, place bet to win, buy bets, any seven, any craps, crap two, crap three, crap twelve and proposition eleven. This was really awesome because I had no idea there were these types of bets. A quick review of each bet follows.

A field bet is one you can make at any time with payouts of 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1. The big 6 is a specific area where the player wins if a six is rolled ahead of a seven. There is also a big 8 located in the box next to the 6 and both are in the color red on the table. The hardway bet roll is four, six, eight or ten with two dice having the half value of each number. For example, both dice have a two for a roll of a four or each dice has a three for a roll of a six and so on. The come and don’t come bets are specific areas on the table and play like the pass and don’t pass line. The big difference is a point has been rolled before you can be bet on them. The come and don’t come odds is the same as the come and don’t come except for odds numbers. The place bet to win is similar to the hardway bet in that you bet any number between four and ten with the hopes of it being rolled before the number seven. For players who want to buy a bet there is a fee of five percent for commission. The odd for this bet is also not as good as a regular bet. The any seven bet pays four to one and can only be wagered once.

The crap and proposition eleven bet are special bets with huge payouts. For example the any craps bet pays seven to one, the crap two pays thirty to one, the crap three pays fifteen to one, the crap twelve pays thirty to one and the proposition eleven pays fifteen to one. All of these bets can be placed at any time, can be bet one time only and otherwise are losers.

Platform Compatibility

Having compatibility with any widget is essential especially a casino game one. If the widget does not fit with your web site builder then you cannot use it. This can be disappointing if you have played a widget on another website and want to have it for your website. But the craps widget should work on pretty much any website. This is because the embed code is HTML. This is generally the universal widget code that works with any web hosting platform. Some come with java scripts but once you remove them you should be good to go. However, you want to test it for functionality.

Over all this is a big thumbs up for all of the key points I look for in a casino game widget. The responsiveness is agile and easy to use. The player experience is an engaging one. I would recommend this to any web administrator looking for a solid craps game widget.