Terms and Conditions

Welcome to OnlineCasino.website, the primer site for your gaming needs. We strive to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Please read the terms and conditions carefully.

  • By using OnlineCasino.website or any portions of OnlineCasino.website, you agree that you have read and will be bound to the Terms and Conditions herein.

1. If any part of these terms and conditions is found to be invalid, it will not negate the rest of the terms and agreements.
2. OnlineCasino.website reserves the right to accept or decline any user or registrant. We also reserve the right to terminate any user at any time for any reason or no reason at all.
3. OnlineCasino.website reserves the right to change any portion of the website at any time, including games offered and terms and conditions. If there are changes to the terms and agreements, you will be notified by appropriate means.
4. You agree to use the site only for its intended purposes. Any attempts to hack the site or disrupt the gameplay will be cause for immediate termination.
5. You agree to use this website for your own personal, non-commercial purposes.
6. By registering at OnlineCasino.website, you are certifying that you are 18 years of age or older, of sound mind and able to make financial decisions. You are certifying that you are not prohibited from gambling and that you know of no condition that would prevent you from gambling legally.
7. When you create an account, you will be creating a username and password. It is your responsibility to safeguard that username and password. Do not allow anyone to access your account with your username and password.
8. The Account holder is solely responsible for any and all transactions and decisions made under the account. Each individual may have only one account. Any additional accounts will be closed and eligible winnings sent to the address on file for the user. It is up to the user to ensure that their information is accurate and up to date.
9. If you are found to not be over the legal gambling age, or that your identity was falsely provided, we will return to you any money that you deposited and shall not be required to pay you any winnings that you have accrued into your account.
10. In order to bet or play games on OnlineCasino.com, the user must deposit money. You hereby certify that you are the holder of the account used to transfer money and that you are authorized to do so. By initiating a transfer, you authorize OnlineCasino.com to take funds from your account and place them into OnlineCasino.website’s financial accounts for use in your transactions. Funds authorized for this purpose are explicitly authorized and you will not attempt to reverse the transaction or otherwise prevent OnlineGambling.com from obtaining funds you have authorized us to transfer.
11. Funds used for gambling are not guaranteed, and may be subject to gains and losses depending on your play, luck and other factors. Gambling is a risk, and money will not be refunded due to losses.
12. From time to time OnlineCasino.website may run specials, to include bonus chips for new accounts. Individuals who have accounts already will not be eligible to receive those bonuses.
13. You shall not use OnlineCasino.website as a banking facility. Deposits into your account should be made with the intention of placing bets. OnlineCasino.website reserves the right to close accounts suspected of being used primarily as a banking account. Repeated deposits and withdrawals without bets being placed will constitute banking.
14. Monies deposited and withdrawn from OnlineCasino.website shall be used for your personal gambling and enjoyment, and shall not be used as a front to launder money, or any other illegal activity.
15. OnlineCasino.website is not responsible for charges you incur while depositing and withdrawing money from OnlineCasino.website nor will they be compensated.
16. OnlineCasino.website is not responsible for reporting your gambling wins and losses to your appropriate tax authority. You must report all winnings and losses according to your local law.
17. When placing a bet, it is the sole responsibility of the user to use their judgment to place said bet. Bets cannot be canceled once they have been placed. Users are responsible for checking their bets to ensure they are accurate before submitting them.
18. Bets made will not become valid until the money has been transferred from the User’s bank account to OnlineCasino.website. In the event that the bank declines the transaction, the bet is canceled and OnlineCasino.website will not pay out any winnings.
19. The Maximum daily payout shall be $00,000.
20. In the rare occurrence that a game malfunctions, all bets placed will be canceled and returned to the user. OnlineCasino.website shall not be responsible to pay out any winnings from a malfunctioned game.
21. You have the right to terminate your account at any time. After contacting OnlineCasino.website to close your account, you will be restricted from making any bets. Any bets still outstanding will continue to stand until the end of that game. Once all bets have fully played out, OnlineCasino.website will close the user’s account and forward any funds to the User.
22. OnlineCasino.website reserves the right to close a User’s account at any time. If the User is found to violate these terms and agreements, any law, is found to be using this website illegally or for nefarious purposes, is found to have attempted to disrupt the website or obtain unauthorized access to the website, the user’s account will be terminated and the account settled.
23. Upon termination of your account, the user shall have no further remedies than the settlement of any undisputed account balances. Account balances will be paid out to the user and the account closed. Users will be entitled to no further compensation. Any bets placed for any games will be canceled and winnings shall not be paid.
24. Upon account termination, any rights to access the website will be terminated. Embedded games will be terminated or removed under the same termination.
25. If the user fails to access their account for longer than a 12 month period, the users account will be placed in an inactive status. All accounts in an inactive status will be charged a 5% administration fee. The account will continue to be charged the fee until either the account balance reaches zero (0), the user reactivates the account, or until the user contacts OnlineCasino.website and requests the account be closed.
26. Any user who chooses to take advantage of OnlineCasino.website’s offer to embed games into their website does so at their own risk. OnlineCasino.website will not be responsible for disruption to the website, malfunction of the website or of the games, any wins or losses due to malfunction of the website. Users should consider carefully whether embedding our online games onto their website may cause harm to their website. OnlineCasino.website will not be held liable for any damages caused by embedding the games into your website.
27. If a user embeds a game into their website, the game remains the sole property of OnlineCasino.website. OnlineCasino.website reserves the right to terminate the user’s use of the game at any time. Users may not use embedded games for illegal or nefarious purposes.
28. OnlineCasino.website collects certain information about users in order to allow them to place bets, transfer money and withdraw winnings. Any information collected will be used only in connection with the online gaming and betting. Please read our privacy policy for more information about what is collected and how it is stored and used.
29. In the event of legal action, OnlineCasino.website will fully cooperate with authorities in accordance with local law.
30. These terms and conditions shall stand as the official agreement between the user and OnlineCasino.website in the event of any disputes.