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The gambling industry is forever growing and changing. Just like with any other industry keeping up with the trends is of the utmost importance in order to have a leg up against the competition. This is why we see more and more online gambling websites; allowing anyone to enter the casino from their very own living room. This gives those who enjoy gambling the ability to practice without leaving the comfort of their very own home.

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We offer every table game for free, as well as the forums on how to appropriately play the games. Table games such as Roulette are readily available for free to all users for the first two hours of play and as an added bonus users will receive $2,000 dollars in play money during those first two hours so they may enjoy all the website has to offer.

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Roulette is likely one of the, if not the, most popular of table games! Its name comes from the French meaning little wheel, clever isn’t it?

The history of Roulette

Roulette was first played in France in the 1700s and slowly it has made its way all over the world. The famous table games transition from country to country was not exceedingly quick though, and its famous wheel underwent several transformations along the way. Despite all of these changes and moves the table game has withstood the test of time and remains one of the favorite table games of so many gamblers all over the world.

The zeros on the Roulette wheel have undergone the most changes of any other aspect of the table game. Initially, the French simple used black for the double zero and red for the single zero, then in the 1800s as Roulette grew, the French used the color green as the back drop of every zero. As other countries began playing Roulette in their casinos they also began to implement their own changes as well as their own ideas for what the zero should look like.

Germany was the first country to introduce the single style Roulette wheel within its casinos and among gamblers.

The United States was the first country to introduce the American Eagle on the Roulette wheel and this was in addition to the single zero and to the double zero. Enter the 19th century and the incredible booming popularity of Roulette, it was in the United States that the Roulette wheel was first placed on top of the table. The Roulette wheel was placed on top of the table in order to prevent those involved in the game from cheating.

The American-style Roulette wheel did become increasingly popular among gamblers and spread throughout the country and made its way all over the world. Despite the popularity of the American-style wheel the French-style Roulette wheel expanded in more of an upscale way.

The French-style Roulette wheel can be found in some of the most famous and expensive casinos. For example, the majorly popular hotels and casinos along the famous Las Vegas Strip mainly use the French-style Roulette wheel within their casinos. Regardless of the differences and the varying styles of Roulette wheels, every type remains popular throughout the world.

The state of California developed and legalized its very own style of Roulette in 2004, again due to concerns over possible cheating throughout the game. The style of California Roulette calls for cards to be used when removing the winning number from the wheel, and this is required by law in California as of 2004. Surely this is not the last change we will see to the ever popular table game. Roulette will continue to evolve over the years and new laws and rules will be established and implemented in order to adhere to ever changing casino and gambling needs.

More information about the game

Unchanging are the numbers displayed on the Roulette wheel as well as the specific goal of the game. First, the numbers on a Roulette wheel always range from 1 to 36. The numbers 11 through 18 and 29 through 36 use black to display odd numbers and use red to display even numbers. The numbers 1 through 10 and 19 through 28 are the opposite, using red to display odd numerical values and black to display even numbers. This differentiation of colors is a true symbol of the Roulette wheel and important in knowing whether or not a player has won the table game.

The object of this famous table is to choose the number that will appear on the Roulette wheel, players may also bet on a color, or on odd or even numbers, hence the importance of the numbers and colors mentioned above. An important aspect of the table game that many new players do not realize is that Roulette has two betting areas. The inside area displays individual numbers on the layout, whereas the outside area includes box shaped areas that may be red or black, odd or even, and have different group of numbers. The famous single zero and double zero discussed earlier are located on the inside area of the game, they are located at the very top of the columns. These columns are composed of 12 rows; each row has three numbers which allows for three columns. Now, in order to participate in the table game, players must use Roulette chips, and everyone participating in the game will use a different color chip. This is important to the game because it avoids any disputes as to who landed where because every player is represented by his or her color.

When playing table Roulette there are several bets a player may make. The easiest bet is Straight Up, or betting a wager on a single number, while a Split Bet allows a player to split the wager on two numbers. A Corner Bet is done when a player places a chip down so that it is touching four “corners” of the particular number the player is betting on. Then there is a Street Bet and a Double Street Bet, a Street Bet is placed when a player places his or her chip on the vertical line that distinguishes the inside betting area from the outside betting area. Whereas a Double Street Bet means the chip is placed on the on one of the rows above or below that line separating the inside and outside betting area. Surely, there may be other betting styles not mentioned here, but these are definitely the most widely used and popular.

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